Safer to drown

Sometimes, I hear the story of Peter, in the boat, doubting God and being called out onto the water. Everyone wants to use that story to show his lack of faith. But to these people, I pose a question: When was the last time you walked on water. Have you any idea, truthfully what that story is telling us?

Peter said, if you’re Jesus,then bid me to come out on the water with you.
What that means, is: if you are who you say you are, then bid me to do something that I can’t do, so that I must totally depend on you.

He didn’t say we need you to come into the boat, he said, call me out onto the waves in the midst of the storm.

In Hebrews, we are told that the only thing that pleases God is faith. Willingness to start moving and trust him to do His part.

Peter may have doubted, but it was only at the beginning. He grew afraid on the water, and cried out to Jesus for help. How many of us cry out for help in messes we create for ourselves, but don’t ever actually get out of the boat onto the water? This story wasn’t to highlight a success, but a failure, that stemmed from someone who didn’t know how to exercise faith. Peter knew the correct response to his problem after he began to sink. And he cried out to Jesus.

“You know, it’s safer drowning in the water with Jesus, than staying safe in the boat.”~ Blake Andrews


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