Context is everything

There is no spiritual “test” that one gives oneself to find out if they are going to heaven or not.
I know there are verses that discuss the sins and people that aren’t going to be allowed to go to heaven. But if you read on, you discover that it is not referencing being a test of any kind.
In fact, everyone is going to heaven, no matter the spiritual path or lack thereof that they had.  Unfortunately not all of them are going to stay.  Because there is a test. God himself will judge all based upon one simple test.
“Is the name found in the lambs book of life?”

That is literally the only qualification to go to heaven. And joyous news! The bible says we can know! None of this business where I hope I make it through. Scriptures state that it is the gift of God, and not of works. If it was all about making sure we don’t do these things that are sinful then it would, in fact, be of works. If it was some sort of test we could give ourselves to not sin, then we would all fall short and no one could get to the kingdom. And I don’t really care what some commentary by Matthew Henry says about it. I care what God himself stated through the scriptures. Matthew Henry is human and often, while good with his doctrine, was not as sound as D.L. Moody, or R.A. Torrey, or E.M. Bounds.. etc.. the moment we feel we can say what we think the scriptures mean, as opposed to what they actually state, then we have tread right onto a hallowed ground, where we had best be right, because as a priest of God, taking God’s word out of context and spinning it to say anything but what it states is called apostasy. Which can be considered the doctrine of demons.

When the scriptures say something, you can’t just take the first half, or the middle, or the last half. You have to take the whole. Otherwise you’re not getting what God himself has to say, but what the unholy one wants you to think it says. Every being of the Spirit realm can give insight into this book. Satan, I daresay, has it memorized, front and back, cover to cover. And he has been twisting what God says from the very beginning in the garden of Eden. If any of you, puny humans, feel you can outwit Lucifer, then you have already fallen into his trap.

So open your eyes. I just want you to see. Even as a christian, when you start believing false doctrines, you allow Satan to chain you again.

It is written, and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

So.. here is the truth. Choose your freedom. Christ wants to break these chains. You merely have to seek him in this.


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