Inside Every Warrior of Light….

Embracing the Light

There is also a force of darkness…


Humans are cursed with the sin nature, something Jesus overcame. As a Christian, we are called to lean on Him. When we get saved, we don’t have our sin nature removed. We have our sin forgiven. We still fall, we still fail, and we still need His forgiveness, every hour, and sometimes, every minute.

Christian Warriors are altogether, entirely unfamiliar with just how real this is. When you join the battle, the war of the Spiritual World, your sin nature becomes an even firmer being. You will get hit harder with what tempts you. You will fall. And sometimes, your anger will be your greatest enemy.

However, your anger can also be your second greatest ally. This comes later though.

Your sin nature, whatever form it takes, will be you at your worst. With me, the form it takes, my worst nightmares, and and…

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