The Return of Christ

On the topic of the return of Christ for his church,  I know that we as Christians are supposed to look forward to this, with excitement for it. We’re supposed to be joyous at the fact that he is returning.

But I have a confession to make regarding this..

I’m not ready. I don’t want him to come back yet.

When I look around me, I see a whole world filled of people who are without Christ, destined to go to Hell. And I don’t want them to go.

Jesus doesn’t want them to go either. That’s why he came and gave himself up, to be crucified, and then resurrected.

I want to meet Jesus face to face. I want to meet and be in communion with God. But I want to drag the world full of people along with me.

Everyone’s going to go to heaven. Everyone gets a taste of what God’s presence is like. Not everyone gets to stay. See, those who accepted God’s son, they go before God as their father. Those who rejected Jesus, on the other hand, go before God as the final judge, sentencing them to how great their torment in eternity will be in Hell.

How can I be so certain that they will all go to heaven briefly? Because to stand in the courtroom, before the throne of God, you have to be in his presence. His throne, his judgement seat, is in heaven.

Then you truly have sinners, in the hands of an angry God. Where it is too late to throw themselves on the mercy of the court.

So.. no. I’m not ready to see the return of Jesus. I hope God delays longer.  Because there are so many people still to witness to. People I care for, and don’t want to see go to Hell.  I don’t want them to go. I know it’s their choice to accept Christ or not, but I don’t want to go without them.


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