Let us reason through..

“if you’re not enjoying your religion, either you’re not doing it right, or you’re in the wrong religion.”

On the outside, this seems like a horrible statement, an insult I’ve heard it called.

They bring up Pastor Saaed to back up their claims, as imprisoned, he must not be enjoying himself. They bring this up, but this is coming from the very same person who steadfastly claims that it’s not a religion, just a relationship.

Let’s go with this logic however, that has been brought to my ears.

Imprisonment, however, you don’t need to be enjoying yourself, if you’re totally abandoned to Jesus.

Let’s go back almost 2000 years to the Apostles. Paul was in and out of prison for his belief in Christ.  In one instance, he and Silas, with fresh wounds on their backs, in prison, were still praising God. No matter how much pain they were in. It was in the midnight hour. They could have been sleeping.  But instead they chose worship.  They could’ve been complaining about how bad their lot is.  But instead of relying on outward circumstances, they chose to embrace that they were where Jesus wanted them to be, in order to advance the kingdom of God.

It’s quite different to enjoy yourself, than to enjoy your religion. To embrace your beliefs so strongly that you can have joy and peace in spite of your circumstances. That is when you begin to see that this life is but temporal, and if you want to live truly, you need to focus on Jesus and his words.

~ Calanon

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