Don’t get caught in the past

Feeling nostalgic is all well and good, from time to time, but it’s also dangerous. If you dwell in your memories too long, you start wishing for the could have been, the should have done, and the wish it was. There’s nothing wrong with going back and reading into who you were, or seeing the online presence of those who you used to know. Reading old posts, seeing all the old comments, goofy and serious alike.

But it is not good for you in large doses.

Too much, and it becomes depressing. It saddens you, and makes your heart ache with scars from old wounds. Even the ones that are healed, they will ache, and tear at you in an attempt to drag you further down into nostalgia.

Don’t do this, it’s a trap.

Don’t get caught in the past, leave the past in the past.

I almost got caught there myself, just in the past several hours. Letting go isn’t easy, and when you get caught in the past, you’re living back in the time before you managed to let go.

Yes, I still miss the people who used to be my friends. I miss the people I loved. They will always have a place in my heart, but not my life.. sometimes God takes us in separate ways because he wants to make us better before we meet again.

No matter how long the wait, we will meet again, on the other side. I promised each person that I wouldn’t forget them. And I haven’t. There are days where I wished I could. So many times, because the sorrow is unbearable. So often I have wanted one more chance, one last goodbye. So often I have my regrets. But regardless, it is now, and not then, that I must live in.

When we meet again, I will have become a better man. If that’s on the other side, then fare thee well until then. We have all eternity to catch up at that point. If it’s on this side, meet me for some coffee somewhere. Or meet me at a church service.

Whenever the ordained time to meet one another again is, it will be perfect.


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