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Today, I’m going to repost this, from Chris Martin at

The greatest gift ever given to the human race was one of sacrifice. The outstretched arms of our King hanging on a cross.

He was love personified. Love perfected, without fear and lacking nothing. A symbol of hope in a world consumed by darkness and despair.

A brilliant light that never dimmed, even unto death.

As Christians, we have been called to continue the legacy of a man who epitomized true love with unconditional fervor. The insatiable desire to pour compassion onto the least of these.

This message is for all of us. To every broken, bruised, and downtrodden human being. Hope burns brightly as the morning sun giving birth to a new day.

The love of many has grown cold, but the winds of change are blowing.

The smoldering embers of fading compassion are breathing with new life. Coming alive with hallowed whispers echoing as one voice. A remnant of believers destined for greatness.

With broken hearts for the hurting and despised. An understanding that mercy triumphs over judgment, and a willingness to believe that love covers a multitude of sin.

Each day is a new opportunity to further the Kingdom. To build on Earth, that which is in Heaven.

We bear the stamp of a mighty Creator. The image of the One from Whom all of life began. As His ambassadors, we are called to be imitators of our Father. Pure in heart. Unified in purpose.

Refusing to believe that any one person is unreachable. Unlovable. Beyond redemption.

Embracing differences and casting off disdainful glances. Hateful speech. Heated anger. Accepting the one standing directly in front of us. Willing to love them where they are. Not impatiently waiting for them where they should be.

Living each moment in a love that has no rules, no boundaries, no limitations. Just freely given as it was to us long ago. In spite of our darkened hearts. Our blackened secrets. Our unlawful minds.

No longer will we tower over the lost in the name of self-righteous glory. The need to be right at the expense of their soul. We will wash their feet with mercy and compassion. Just as our Savior washed those of His disciples. Having foreknowledge of their betrayal and incessant denial.

We will love those who deserve none of it. Those who reject our beliefs and our truth. Those who laugh in the face of righteousness, and feast at the table of abomination. The sinners. The hateful. The sick.

To those who scorn the very One holding our undying allegiance, we will offer grace.

We will walk side by side with those religion deems unworthy. Instead of hammering in the nails of destruction and scathing rebuttals, we will allow our actions to speak louder than words. Our love to shine brighter than our contradiction.

We follow in the footsteps of One Who broke tradition in order to save another soul. One who valued the heart’s condition over the knowledge spewed from a mausoleum of religious curators.

We walk in love.

We walk in mercy.

We walk in undying grace and forgiveness.

To the broken, bruised, and downtrodden, this is our manifesto. Our promise.

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