A broken heart

Can you feel it? The heart that breaks? There is so much sorrow to be felt, just watching the venom, and the hatred, getting spewed forth among Christians. So many people, being so hateful and cruel. All these people who say they follow christ, but drive people away from God..

The Message of the cross is that of the repentance that brings forgiveness of sins, paid for by the death of God’s only son. Yet we can’t seem to stop fighting amongst ourselves. We neglect to remember that we are brothers and sisters brought together by the forgiveness and grace of God.
how God’s heart must always be breaking.. to see his children quarrel so, about that which he has died for.

Hear, Oh Christians!

How many lives must you ruin? How many must go to Hell before you realize that you’re supposed to be the example of Christ to them? Some of you might be all they ever see of Jesus.  How many more will you drive away from the love of Jesus?

So many people see these examples of Christ’s followers, and want nothing to do with it.  They turn away thinking to themselves: “if that’s what Christianity is, I’m better off without.” You know what the sad part is? Most of them are right.  Many people live a better, though unforgiven life. The way so many Christians act is absolutely appalling. I wonder how God can tolerate us, seeing how much we break his heart, and how constantly we do so. Some of the meanest people in the world, are church people. They’re all nice and dandy for church, they do everything based around the church, but they don’t follow Christ.

Hear, oh Christians!

Turn from these sins, causing more strife and pain. Turn from the wheel of the demonic forces driving your indignant way of life! There’s still time, you can still be a witness for Christ. You can still  pull people to him, instead of rushing them out the door of opportunity to meet him.

None of us have the right to decide who goes to hell, and who doesn’t. Jesus decided that with one act of obedience on the cross, he gave all access, and left the only condition as being to accept him.

His heart breaks for you, but still he waits for you. He still is calling you. He’s knocking on your heart, waiting for you to hear his voice. Don’t tune him out.

This hatred and spitefulness will destroy you, from the inside out. Only you and he can heal you.

~ Calanon

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