What Did Jesus Do?

Most of us have heard that old and rotting line, “what would Jesus Do?” But…
What if I told you we don’t have to ask that, because, if we knew our Bible and knew Him, we would know he has already shown us what He would do, with what he did do?

Jesus lived a life that was simple, that those who truly sought him could understand. Note, I’m not saying it is easy.. it’s a very difficult life to try to live on your own. But Jesus did everything we need, in order that we could live that life, when He died on the cross. So many people I know claim to be Christians, but are more concerned with going to heaven than taking others with them. In fact, to be honest with you, most of the Christians I know don’t even try to follow Jesus. They quote scripture all day long, but can’t seem to follow it. They go to church occasionally, but willingly disagree with the pastor, and the Bible, because they are uncomfortable with something that was preached.

Better yet, there are the ones who are so willing to shout a loud amen in service, but don’t live as though they truly agree with the message.

Still more there are those who refuse to contest anything in their effort to love unconditionally, because it just creates more strife and division. These are the ones closest to the way of Christ.

Jesus loved everyone unconditionally, but we also see in scripture that he definitely had plenty of times where he told someone to go and sin no more. Or to the Pharisees, where he called them out for their sins in their self-righteousness.

But take note, people, he only called out the self righteous for their misdeeds. The sinners, he called to himself, he dined with them, and he forgave all of their sins. Even if they chose to not follow him, he gave his love and forgiveness.

Unlike the Pharisees who always had an excuse not to do so. The Pharisee always expects someone to change before they can be expected to love them.


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