LGBT and Christianity

Intolerant. Judgemental. Hateful.

These are all things that Christianity is called by the LGBT movement. But, I point out, not by all of them.

Now, many Christians have earned those terms quite well. I’ve met intolerant, judgemental Christians. I take offense at the way they treat people in general.
But I’ve also met kind, loving Christians actually trying to follow the teachings of Christ. Those who paid attention when the scriptures were opened to the passage where Jesus said that the two laws we are supposed to be following are: love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. And love thy neighbor as thyself.
These two laws that sum up the 10 commandments are really very simple. Not easy, but simple. So, really, there’s no excuse for this behaviour. Jesus said what we are to do. But if that isn’t enough..

Jesus is both God and man. Being one with God, yet also separate, he took on all sin and became it. He was so repulsed and disgusted by it that, as God, he turned away from himself.

This man who loved all, and forgave all, showed one more thing: a complete hatred of sin. A hatred so complete that even as he forgave everyone’s sin, he turned away from himself for that same sin when he took it on himself.

Something I’ve heard many Christians say,  is that the sexual behavior of the homosexual and LGBT community, is repulsive and disgusting and  from everything I’ve read and heard, that is their reason for how they treat people of that nature.

You shouldn’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you do. Would you condemn divorce? Something else God calls sin? Or how about overeating? Or gossip? Everyone has this sinful nature, and a sin they cuddle with more often than fighting against.

Cut here. I’ll come back to this.

Now, I’ve met many intolerant, judgemental people of the LGBT community. I take offense at the way they treat people in general. But I’ve also met many loving, kind members of this community, who just want to be left alone. Those who want to follow the idea of love and tolerance, acceptance regardless of orientation.

Many of them ask for tolerance, and leave it at that. Others scream that we have to accept them for who they are, without accepting us for who we are.

Some judge Christians as intolerant bigots when they don’t even know them. Just like some Christians judge them as such when they’ve not ever said anything about Christian intolerance.

But this community has the same problem that much of Christianity has: expectations.

Christians of the judgemental variety expect everyone to behave the same way they do. These are the people with a “holier than thou” mentality. But it’s not even biblical to expect someone with different beliefs to behave as a Christian ought. Though these people who are supposed to be Christian aren’t acting like Jesus instructed anyways.

The LGBT community has this expectation that every one will just accept them. But every religion in the world says homosexuality is a sin, no matter how it is presented.

The  so called leaders of this movement have something else in common with the Christians that they are judging: they’re acting the same way.
Judgemental Christians are indeed wrong to do so, but judgemental people of any group are wrong for doing so.
And you can’t expect Christianity as a whole to roll over and let you dictate what we teach as sin, just like we can’t expect you to become a Christian and stop being gay.

Did you know that in scriptures, it states to do unto others as you would have them do to you? It’s in the book of Luke.

Now to go back to the paragraph I cut off earlier, with a message for both sides, and for everyone.

Maybe we need to look not at what we consider right or wrong in our dealings with each other, but try acting in such a manner as we want the other to treat us.

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