Word, or Power?

Many times I have been told by people whom have been to college, that the gifts of the Holy Ghost have been removed. With many different reasoning philosophies behind this interesting statement. Did I say college? My bad.. I meant Bible Colleges.  Some say that it died out with the last apostle, others say attempt to use a verse, stating that scriptures say that when the Bible is fully written these gifts would pass away, still others say that they’re not necessary because we have the Bible.

All of these reasons have one major thing in common. No matter what reason is used, one I have listed or others I haven’t, are completely flying in the face of what scriptures tell us, as well as in the history of the church in a more modern era.

Scriptures tell us that God himself, through the prophet Joel, stated that He would pour out His spirit upon all flesh. That we would prophesy, dream, and see visions. But he specified that this would happen in the last days.  Peter laid out the time period of the last days for us. The Last days started at Pentecost, and will end when Jesus returns to judge this world and its inhabitants. 

So, you might be asking me, why don’t we see all these miraculous things then? That’s an excellent question, and that is why I’m writing this. Just for you people who are asking for something real.  There are many reasons. Three of them are stated above, and the others are pretty much in the same vein.  Overall, it’s because many want to remain comfortable, with a faith that is so absolutely ordinary. The pagans of the world have more faith than most Christians do.  They expect and believe that their gods and goddesses will do what they have said they will do. And are thus granted power. Just like we are to be. Do you believe God when he says he will provide all your needs? Tithe. Give sacrificially. You aren’t here to be comfortable. Do His will. Know His will.
All kids hear stories of magic, of supernatural power and occurrences.  And from the perspective of a childlike awe, they want to see that happen for themselves. But parents, oh my, you tell them it’s not real, it’s a fairy tale, or in the case of Christianity, you tell them God doesn’t do that any more. But if we’re all honest, we would love to see God move in that miraculous way again and again. Though many of us have been taught that He doesn’t, because we have the Bible, and that’s all we need.

It isn’t scripture that brings pagans to Jesus. It’s the power of the Holy Ghost.  It wasn’t scripture that brought me to Jesus. It was power filled preaching. It was a pastor who wasn’t afraid to speak what the Holy Spirit told him to say to me in a sermon. It was the power of the Spirit that broke my chains, the Bible. The Bible is a book, a tool, and the Word of God. But it has no power without Jesus. Without the Holy Ghost, God’s word will do nothing to the human mind without power. 
In 1 Corinthians 4, it states that the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. In Acts, Jesus says that we shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost is come upon us. 

Do you know why Jesus said that to be saved, we need a childlike faith?

Because this awesome gift of salvation is too good to be true. Why would God send his Son to the cross? To the most demeaning death ever.  The most shameful and exposed death.  A child can just hear and believe.  We as adults try to reason it away, and to justify it, only to discover that we’re not good enough to get to heaven or reach God on our own.

That is why we need to have childlike faith. The wonder and awe of a child, who will believe and trust so much easier than an adult. No wonder pagans and witches usually start off young. Magic is a faith issue. Experienced witches have more faith than long time, yet inexperienced, Christians.

May God bring us to a place of childlike faith again. He is just waiting on us to take our turn. He’s done everything we need to have this faith leading to his power.

It’s our turn.

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