A Vision of Spiritual Warfare

An Angel of shining light looks out over the spiritual dimension of earth, his eyes seeing what many humans cannot. Christians, behaving like cowards in the name of courage, hiding behind their Full Armour of God, except turning their back to the enemy. So busy fighting in a war that they can see with only their physical eyes, they can’t see what’s coming up behind them. Fighting amongst themselves, and praying that God would take care of the demonic convergences that are cropping up here, there and everywhere. Righteous anger fills this shining Angel, for he is not given the order to intervene, but he waits, knowing and trusting the Almighty One. Suddenly, he watches as the light around one of the believers starts to change.. this young man grows dark, and turns away from the believers surrounding him. This one had been questioning for a while. With no answers being given or discovered, he finally gave up and walked away. Left the petty wars of neo-christianity for the relative peace of the spirit world, and another path. The Angel followed after this man, and watched over him, curious to know what would become of him. Over time, the Almighty One pulled at him, showing him bits and pieces of what life was truly supposed to be as a christian..

But he was caught, and chained. Demons tormented him, and he knew the meaning of fear. He was bound spiritually, though able to move physically. Then the Master spoke to him, in the physical reality, through a pastor who was filled with the Spirit of the Holy One. It wasn’t too late to turn around. There was still time to come back, before losing the war forever. This youth went his way, and pondered what Adonai had told him. Then another intervened, and forced him to the place of decision. Suddenly thrust back into the spiritual world, he could feel his chains tighter than ever, and cried out for freedom, the kind only granted by the One who exists forever. The Angel watches with elation as the chains and bondage of this man are broken, and as he looks back, he sees all that he has missed so far. Christians still waging their petty wars about preferences, and still turning their backs to the enemy, allowing him to take them out at his leisure. Indeed, Lucifer’s favorite kind of war to be waged is a leisurely one, and the Angel sees him as he continues shooting down the church.

But the Angel sees something else, as does the youth. Power. A church rises up to face the oncoming darkness, refusing to sit complacently in the light, and taking the fight to the darkness. Spiritually clad in the full armour of God, and turned to face the enemy head on. The young man sees what he has been looking for all along, and lifts his hands in praise, praying down the armour for himself. Stretching out his hand, he pulls the Sword out, and begins to take the fight to the enemy himself. Fighting as though his life depends on it, for to him, it does. And so do many others. As he goes forward into the fray, he prays and begs for other Christians to see what’s happening and get involved in the war as well, instead of exposing themselves to the attacks.

This is what Spiritual warfare looks like on the other side, when you fight from this side. Stand your ground, oh Christian! Take up your sword and fight, for the lives of many in darkness depend upon you! There are many who will never see Jesus if we don’t get involved. We must claim the ground of this world and claim souls back from Satan. God has made us to be Kings and Priests, and by this we are given the right to go forth into the fray and call others to arms for this very war. Nay, we are commanded to go forth. A King rules, a King Reigns. Jesus, the King, went out and died on a cross, ruling and leading by example. We cannot be the kings and priests by sitting in the background praying things turn out right. We must go forth and lead the charge! So many pray for revival, but are they on the front lines? One must surely wonder.. It doesn’t matter if you are a Jedi, a Mason, a Calvinist, a Baptist, or any other walk of life. If you claim to follow Jesus, don your armour once again, and take up your sword. Go to the front lines with me! It will be dangerous, it will put you on the assassination list that Satan keeps updated for his leaders of darkness. But they are all under your feet, if you but walk with God, and go to the lines. Get to the front lines and protect people. The ultimate calling of your life, is to bring people to Jesus, and this is done by example. By showing them His ways in power and authority. Stop cowering and whimpering about life. Stand up like Jesus did, and prove Jesus in this war.


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