Christlike Love

Today I’m going to touch upon a sensitive subject for both, Christians and homosexuals. The church is beginning to mature again, and delve deeper into what it was meant to be. Sadly that doesn’t mean all Christians are willing to embrace this primal, emotion driven faith.
For years homosexuality has been taboo. The cruelest people to make it this have generally been Christians. As people become more open about these things, the homosexual community has grown. Now, there’s still a lot of hate towards these people just because people are uncomfortable with the idea of homosexuality. And a lot of it comes, again, from Christians. It is recorded in scripture that God views homosexuality as a sin. An abomination against the biological and natural order of things that He designed. However. That doesn’t change the way that Jesus would act. Nor should it change the way we are willing to act.

To be a follower of Christ, means to do as He would, to act like Him. Need I remind you poor humans that He didn’t often eat with church folks? He dined with sinners, he went to the working men of all walks of life to find Himself the first disciples. Not the church.  He spoke often to the temple priests only to correct them and educate them. He spent his time around the people who not only needed him, but wanted him.

To be like Jesus, to love like him, is no easy task.  That is certain. But we must still do so. Even if you’re uncomfortable with the homosexual community. John 3:16 includes them as well.

“Well Paul, I agree. But don’t you think we must see some change in them as well?”

Most certainly not! How can any person change themself? Only Jesus can change them. And he doesn’t always change their sexuality. Everyone has their own sin that they will always struggle with. Not to mention the fact that you can’t expect an unbeliever to behave like a Christian.

The bottom line is that we are to love everyone, including the homosexuals, the way Jesus loved us. With a cross. This means never ending love, even through death we are to love them. Who better to show the love of God than the followers of Jesus? Why should the people of other religions be better at being human than we are? They don’t have the same thing we do with Jesus, the embodiment of Love.

Hopefully this was clearly written and sheds some light on what Christ’s followers are supposed to be.


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