The Monster Under The Bed

I’ve been gone for an age, but I have returned, with a post aptly fitting this season. Those of you whom have been following me around the blog world for years are familiar with some of the concepts you will find here, others,  will not be familiar with my writings. No matter what category you are in, welcome to my blog.

Silly season, also known as Samhain, has arrived. Indeed, it’s been here for a few weeks. I can think of no better time to write this down.

I’m an avid Whovian, and the episode called Listen struck a chord that some may not have caught.  This episode deals with  the nightmare that most people tend to have, about the monster under their bed, that grabs at their feet. Admittedly, this is a terrifying prospect for anyone, especially the children.  Let us look at the nursery rhyme that The Doctor is investigating  in this episode:

Whats that in the mirror?
In the corner of your eye?
Whats that footstep following?
But never passing by?
Perhaps the lot is waiting,
Perhaps when we’re all dead.
Out they’ll come a slithering,
From underneath your bed.

It is a frightening thing to consider. And the best part of all? Parents are often checking under the bed only to ease the minds of their children, and explain to them that is only their imagination.

But.. what if it isn’t? What if there is really something there?

Children are more susceptible to the spiritual world than most adults, and generally far more sensitive. Their imagination is linked intricately to their minds eye, and they can sometimes see the other side. In this episode of Doctor Who, Clara said that sometimes people feel something behind them that isn’t there, in that empty space, and that when they lay down, under the bed is that empty space.

As an ex-occultist, I can say positively that we are never alone. There is always a spiritual entity around here somewhere. And many of them enjoy playing cruel jokes to scare people, such as grabbing at their feet from underneath their bed. The nightmare is one way they get at us. We are more susceptible to nightmares generally speaking, than to actually being touched, though both are certainly doable and happen often.

Many people I know who are still sensitive to these things are like me: Closets must be closed. Mirrors can be nowhere around them. Sleep must be done in complete darkness. And even if the darkness is complete, we always know if the closet opened, for whatever reason. Most people write it off as fear of the dark. But I would contradict them: It is not that we’re afraid of the darkness. We are afraid of what’s in the darkness.

Imagine if you can, a creature composed of pure darkness. Darkness and shadows taken form, and  the malicious intent that puts a crimson gleam of pleasure in their eyes. Imagine the games it would play. Opening doors, moving your coffee. Moving your iPod. Hiding your keys. Turning on and off the Television. Always watching and messing with you. But then one day, after you start to wonder about your sanity, you see it. Just a glimpse in the mirror, and then out of the corner of your eye.. You hear footsteps and then voices that are close, and yet so very distant, as though coming across from another world. As time goes on, you begin to feel a darkness, as it dwells  nearer and nearer, sometimes you think you’ve seen something and yet, don’t know what and can’t tell anyone. After all, it’s just your imagination. If you let that run away with you, you’ll be locked in the asylum. So you can’t tell anyone. You can’t seek help. You just keep trying to live normally. Then something happens and you are convinced that you have finally snapped. You see a shadow on the wall, staring at you, or a humanoid shadow standing over your bed.

What if I told you.. That was the thing under your bed, grabbing your feet?

Sometimes, those dreams are very much the real deal. And if you aren’t on your guard spiritually, start praying. Because it can get so much worse.


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